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If you’re looking for an IT Cleaning Company based in London welcome to 1st Compucare Ltd.

Established in 1980 and having evolved from a maintenance company, we have provided and maintained a reputation for operational excellence in our specialist field of IT cleaning.
Our dedicated pro active team are expert and conversant in all aspects of their business.
1st Compucare’s client portfolio has included some of the most prestigious companies in the country.
Mission Statement

Economically Creating Cleaner Environments in the Pursuit of Excellence

We are committed to researching new technology ensuring our IT cleaning service is the best available; our continuous training programme of employees is integral to the Company’s philosophy.
Our entire workforce is regularly checked and vetted by “Disclosure Scotland” to ensure that our clients’ high security standards are thoroughly met.
Why does your equipment need specialist cleaning services?
Studies have found that lack of hygiene in office environments can lead to a high incidence of staff absenteeism, which directly costs businesses in temporary staff and replacements.

According to a survey conducted by the Confederation of British Inudstry, staff absenteeism cost businesses in the UK an average of £760 per employee. The survey found that 98% of employees cited preventable minor illnesses, such as cold and flu for their absence.

Outbreaks of minor illnesses such as cold and flu can easily be controlled by enlisting our specialist sanitation services for devices such as keyboards, telephones and base units. These devices typically provide ideal temperatures and conditions for microbes to replicate, essentially making them mini eco systems for dangerous microbial life.

Due to the current economic climate many businesses are forgoing the need for regular sanitation in an effort to reduce expenditure, without realising that by doing so they’re creating a greater cost for themselves in the form of staff absenteeism.

1st Compucare are dedicated to offering affordable cleaning services to businesses across  London and the South East, in an effort to reduce the greater cost of staff absenteeism.