Ceiling Cleaning

The dropped ceiling is the secondary ceiling, suspended beneath the architectural ceiling. The area in between the architectural ceiling and dropped ceiling, is generally referred to as the ceiling plenum, the ceiling plenum similar to the underfloor plenum is widely used as a conduit for HVAC air return and to conceal cabling or ductwork.

Ceiling plenum cleaning is an imperative aspect of a comprehensive data centre or server room maintenance program, ensuring that no hazardous particulates can enter facilities and potentially damage equipment.Ceiling cleaning involves vacuuming above the dropped ceiling panels, by utilising HEPA filtered vacuums to eradicate all particles of hazardous dust and debris trapped within the ceiling plenum. All over head cable trays and pipes present within the plenum are also vacuumed and wiped clean with COSHH approved anti static solutions. 

Regardless of whether you utilise your ceiling plenum for cabling or HVAC air return, it should be kept thoroughly clean as to alleviate the probability of outages. Ceiling plenum cleaning minimises harmful influences such as dust and debris from dropping down in to the facility. Pressure alterations within the computer facility, can dislodge and shift dropped ceiling panels, enabling airborne debris to fly out of the ceiling plenum.

Pressure alteration inside of computer facilities is typically induced by the turning on or off of HVAC units, removal of ceiling panels and opening and closing of doors.

1st Compucare specialist ceiling cleaning service, makes sure that all dust and debris is eliminated from the ceiling plenum, preventing equipment and the anti static function of raised floor panels from being compromised.