Fax cleaning

1st Compucare provide comprehensive Fax cleaning for all facsimile equipment. Operatives take special care when cleaning the transport rollers, because it is common for particles of paper to become trapped in-between the rollers.

fax cleaningCleaning operatives remove all trapped particles of paper and sanitise the rollers with isopropyl; this removes any dust and debris. Without removal of trapped particles between the transport rollers, transmissions are prone to error and failure.  

Our Fax cleaning service utilises cleaning sheets, which are designed to remove built up paper-flash and contaminants. These cleaner sheets will clear the paper feed and transport rollers within the fax machine, consequently extending the life of toner and ink cartridges.

The outer casing of the fax machines are cleansed with anti-bacterial cleaning treatments, decontaminating the equipment making it safe for staff to use.

It’s essential that fax machines are cleaned frequently, to ensure that important documents are successfully transmitted.