Server Room Cleaning

Server rooms are on average smaller compared to a data-centre, yet just as significant in regard to the productivity and every day operation of your organisation. 
Server Room Cleaning

Reputable organisations such as CISCO, EMC, Google and Dell all require Server equipment cleaning programs to be conducted, in order to minimise the risk of server down time and ensure the sustained stability of operations. 

It's crucial that hardware manufacturers and organisations recruit a specialist Server room cleaning service, because if hardware is left unclean, the warranty of server room equipment such as rack mounts and power distribution units may be deemed void. 

The main aim of Server room cleaning is to minimise the risk of critical failure due to static discharge or dust contamination. Our team of specialist hygienists carefully apply topical anti bacterial and anti static solutions with micro fibre cloths, as to eliminate hazardous particulates from causing damage to server equipment.

Server Rack Mount Room Cleaning
1st Compucare provide a thorough preventative maintenance program, which  includes thorough cleaning of the floor void, ceiling void, floor tiles, internal and external of racks, high level cable trays, ethernet trunking, A/C units, PDU’s, doors and ledges.

Subsequent to initial deep cleaning, ongoing cleaning of the server room environment is advised in order to maintain a high standard  of server room hygiene, all services can be conducted at frequencies to suit your timescales. 

Contamination externally and internally of equipment in server rooms will cause heat retention and unwanted downtime if not maintained. In addition, power requirements will increase, as high powered fans will have to work at a faster rotation per minute in order to keep hardware within optimal temperatures. 

A routinely scheduled server room cleaning service with 1st Compucare, will minimise the need for reactive cleaning management, prove cost effective on a rolling program, and decrease the probability of contamination and expensive down time to the business.

1st Compucare can also provide disaster recovery cleaning services, with a 24 hour turnaround if needed, for HVAC leaks, water leaks, flooding, fire, smoke or any other emergency.