Data Centre Cleaning

1st Compucare is a specialist data centre cleaning company situated in Greater London, that started out from a computer repairs and maintenance background. This, in conjunction with the expertise we have gained in the sanitation of data centre rooms has meant that the practical knowledge we have attained is completely unique. 

Data centre cleaning

Throughout our many years of service, we have continued to be leaders in this specialist field, due to our commitment to researching and implementing the latest technology can offer in data centre sanitation, ensuring the best possible performance of data centre room equipment.

Data centre rooms host sensitive data and communication equipment, that form the foundation of organizations infrastructure. Because of this, unsolicited outages can result in significant interruption to an organization's operations, not to mention the possibility of lost profit. 

Devoid of specialised sanitation procedures data centres are prone to accumulation of contaminants in the form of hazardous particulate matter, that if left untreated can cause equipment to retain heat and at worse, cause equipment to fail. Furthermore the accumulation of dust deposits on hardware can act as a thermal insulator, inducing increased power requirements, as systems fans are forced to work faster in order to keep hardware within safe temperatures. 

Cleaning of Data Comms Cabinets
The stability and reliability of the data centre room equipment is of paramount importance, our service provides a precautionary routine maintenance regime that minimizes the potential of technical failures and downtime from occurring.

1st Compucare are a an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company and all services are provided in strict adherence to the latest health and safety and fire electrical safety procedures as outlined by the HSE.

As a result of the sensitive nature of these environments, 1st Compucare employs qualified technical engineers, who are able to successfully ascertain and prioritise specific risks inside these specialist areas. Uninterrupted operation of your business is of primary concern, which is why our services are flexible and can be provided seven days a week, during or after work hours, ensuring that the needs of your organisation are met at no additional cost. 

Following inspection of your data centre's requirements, we shall construct a cleaning schedule for your  data centre room environment including sub floor and ceiling voids. Cleaning can be arranged on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, six monthly, and annual basis. 

Our specialist data centre cleaning operatives will cleanse your entire data centre using HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners, ensuring the sanitation of every surface, while maintaining a focus on health and safety at all times.  Our specialist service has proven to reduce long term maintenance costs of data centre room equipment and increase the life span of computer room hardware.

1st Compucare's Data centre cleaning service is comprehensive and provides a range of different   
cleaning treatments including:

Subfloors Voids

Abovefloor Voids

External Equipment

Internal Equipment

Tops of floor surfaces

Zinc whisker remediation


Air ducts

Ceiling tiles