Internal Hardware Cleaning


1st Compucare provide an in depth hardware cleaning and maintenance service for computer base units, server rack mounts and cabinets.

internal computer cleaning

Air powered intake fans and the electromagnetism generated from computer hardware, can draw profuse amounts of dust, debris and other hazardous particles into the internal chassis of base units, racks and cabinets.

Once inside these particles accumulate, coating internal components, clogging intake/outtake fans and consequently causing disruption to air circulation within the chassis. In the absence of sufficient airflow, computer systems are liable to over heat, which has been proven to cause system failure and permanent damage to sensitive computer hardware.

It’s essential that temperatures of base units, server rack mounts and data cabinets are kept to a minimum, in order to ensure maximum performance and stability of the computer hardware. The optimum ambient temperature for the majority of operational computer systems is between 20°C (idle) – 50°C (full load).
1st Compucare employ the service of professionally qualified internal cleaning technicians, to carefully utilise micro air compressors in order to successfully discharge particulates from within the computer chassis. 
This is the specialist prefered approach to internal computer cleaning as opposed to using a vacuum, which is unsuitable because it generates static build up (which attracts more particulates inside the chassis), and can potentially fry electrical circuitry of components.
Air compressor cleaning ensure that every last speck of dust and debris is completely eliminated from internal components, without causing any damage to sensitive hardware.

Special care is applied when cleaning vital components such as central processing units, hard disk drives and motherboards, as these components are extremely vulnerable to damage induced from over heating if neglected.

hardware cleaning

Our team of technical cleaning operatives use cotton swabs and anti-static micro fiber cloths, to diligently remove any remaining residual debris that may be trapped in between the ridges of heat sinks that cover the cpu and motherboard.

Following complete eradication of all dust and debris from within the interior of the computer system’s chassis, technical cleaning operatives use a vacuum to make certain that the surrounding vicinity is meticulously clean and free from any vestigial dust and debris, that may have arisen from the micro air compressor process.

Internal cleaning 

Regular internal hardware cleaning and maintenance of computer base units, server rack mounts and data cabinets is highly recommended as to prevent damage incurred by particulates, increase the permanence of hardware and save money that would be spent on replacements or repair.



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