Computer keyboard cleaning

Computer keyboard cleaning

As a consequence of the high pressures of the modern day workplace, it has become commonplace for office staff to consume food at their desks during their designated lunch hour. This habitual behaviour causes particles of food, to become trapped in between and beneath keyboard input keys.

This may seem relatively innocuous, yet unless the services of keyboard cleaning specialists are enlisted, the quantity of food particles will inevitably accumulate, leaving staff at high risk of contracting an infection.

According to laboratory tests conducted by several leading universities, the typical keyboard consists of four hundred times more bacteria than the standard toilet seat.
Particles of food trapped in between input keys have been found to be carrying multiple strains of bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli, C-Difficile, Hepatitis A, B, C, swine and bird flu.
Routine computer keyboard cleaning ensures that keyboards are thoroughly decontaminated and free from harmful pathogens.
1st Compucare’s keyboard cleaning operatives take time to meticulously brush in between the input keys in order to remove lodged particles. Once all the particles are removed from within the keyboard, operatives apply an anti bacterial cleaning formula to micro fibre cloths, and carefully wipe the keyboard down. The anti bacterial formula that 1st Compucare deploys is COSHH approved, and works to eradicate all bacteria leaving keyboard equipment completely decontaminated.
Keyboards that require a more thorough keyboard cleaning treatment, are disassembled by gently raising up each input key with a minute screwdriver. After all the input keys are disassembled, cleaning operatives can extract all the dirt and debris with compressed air. Removal of dirt and debris in between keys results in far more responsive inputting, which allows users to be more efficient and quicker when typing.

Computer Keyboard Cleaning Service

Computer keyboard before being cleaned
           Computer keyboard after being cleaned

Ultimately it’s imperative for any company that utilises keyboard equipment, to employ a specialist keyboard cleaning service, in order to prevent staff sickness and maintain optimal hygiene of the work environment.

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