Laptop cleaning

1st Compucare’s laptop cleaning service provides full comprehensive cleaning of the internal and external of your portable computer. Special care is taken to remove all dust and grime from input keys, touch pads, air vents and led/lcd screens. As with all our cleaning services, operatives apply anti static/bacterial solutions to lint free micro fibre cloths, ensuring that the entire exterior of the laptop is thoroughly decontaminated from dust and bacteria.

laptop cleaning service

Laptops are more severely impacted by the effects of trapped dust and debris compared to desktop computers, due to the fact that there is less space inside ..
Dust and debris can easily find its way into the interior of laptop cases and coat hardware components, this causes hardware to become unstable and overheat.

laptop fan cleaning
As a consequence internal fans are forced to run faster and more often which reduces the duration of battery life. Our cleaning operatives are trained to carefully disassemble the laptop, and remove any dust and debris clogging the internal laptop fans. 

As with all internal cleaning procedures when conducting laptop cleaning, operatives 

make sure they’re fully grounded by wearing anti static wristbands, and employ the use of micro air compressors to blow out all particles of dust and debris.

The compressed air enables all dust and debris to be extracted without the need for operatives to make contact with any sensitive components, this is the safest method of internal cleaning and averts electronic discharge from incurring. It is not good practice to blow compressed air directly onto internal fans, as they could be forcefully moved in the wrong direction. Fans are removed and their blades are meticulously sanitised with cotton swabs.

1st Compucare’s operatives are qualified engineers and are well versed in disassembly and assembly of laptop hardware, manufacturers don’t support disassembly of hardware and warranties will be voided in the process.
Despite this drawback, extracting dust and debris from within the internal chassis of laptops, ensures fans will run more efficiently and quieter causing the hardware to be less susceptible to overheating. This increases the functional longevity of your laptop and saves money on replacements or expensive repairs.

1st Compucare only provide commercial cleaning of several laptops and not single laptops belonging to individuals.



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