Monitor Cleaning

Monitor Cleaning

1st Compucare provide specialist Monitor cleaning for a variety of monitor types including; TFT, LCD, LED and Plasmas. 1st Compucare understand that monitors are easily vulnerable to damage, and that it’s essential special care is taken when cleaning them. All monitor cleaning operatives are fully trained and well versed in safely cleaning a wide range of different monitor types.

monitor cleaning

Monitors are particularly susceptible to the accumulation of dust particles over time; this is mainly due to static electricity generated by the monitors when they’re switched on.

Operatives use COSSH approved, non abrasive anti-static cleaning solutions, in order to remove dust and static build up from the monitor’s surface, leaving monitors sparking clean and smear free.

Failure to conduct a monitor display cleaning rota and maintain clarity of displays, could potentially implicate the health and safety of staff. Evidence suggests that unclear monitors, can lead to eye strain of those that look at them for prolonged hours, which in consequence leads to a high incidence of staff members requiring the attention of an ophthalmologist.

Unsanitary monitor displays, can also be extremely unsightly for staff members who are required to use them on a daily basis. Companies should employ a specialist monitor cleaning service as to ensure utmost clarity of the image displayed on the screens. Optimal clarity of monitor displays, benefits the proficiency of staff, as their vision of the image depicted on screen is unimpaired.

Dust particles might seem harmless, yet they are very unpleasant and carry contaminates posing danger to those who use the equipment. Our service team recommend a frequent or occasional Monitor cleaning service depending on the quantity of monitors.



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