printer cleaning

It’s quite common for printers that are subjected to regular use, to malfunction more than once throughout the duration of their lifetime. Many of the problems printers face can be avoided if a preventative Printer cleaning program is put in place.

As time passes it’s common for particles of toner, paper and dust to accumulate inside the printer, without removal of these particles, the printer will inevitably suffer from technical problems.
Our Printer cleaning service operatives are well acquainted with the internal mechanisms of printers, and take special care not to damage any fragile components. Services provided are cleaning of the printer head, paper feed rollers, belt and toner cartridges. These services prevent common printer problems, such as paper jams and print errors.


As with all equipment, operatives apply COSHH approved anti-static/bacterial cleaning solutions to the external casing of the printer, this eradicates unwanted contaminates and dust.

Regular Printer cleaning is necessary in order to maintain optimal functioning of the equipment, as printers are highly likely to experience faults if not comprehensively cleaned inside and out.

1st Compucare can clean all printers, including but not limited to LaserJet, Inkjet, LED/LCD, Dot-matrix and digital photo printers.

Printer Cleaning services provided are:

Engineer Inspection: Toner Cartridge, Epic belt, Drum, Ozone Filters and Developer units

Vacuuming: Inside/Outside Unit, Acoustic Hood and Paper Trays
Clinical Cleaning: Unit Casing, Acoustic Hood and Paper Trays
Graffiti & Residue Removal: Unit Casing, Acoustic Hood and Paper Trays
Anti-Static Protection Treatment: Unit Casing, Acoustic Hood and Paper Trays         

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