Raised Access Floor Cleaning

Access floor panels (Raised flooring) are intended to provide an electrical conductive path to the ground, so that residual static electricity produced by computer equipment is effectively extracted from the environment, as to prevent electronic static discharge.

The obvious benefit to raised access floor cleaning is that it ensures raised floor panels look aesthetically pleasing, however more importantly it ensures that flooring tiles are able to effectively dissipate static build up generated by computer room equipment. Debris that has settled on top of raised flooring, drastically impedes the floors anti static properties, our service aims to neutralise all debris making sure that raised flooring tiles have their desired effect.
Access floor cleaning operatives initially vacuüm the floor panels, clearing the area of any dust and debris. The access floor is then treated with environmentally safe anti-static solutions, that protects the laminated flooring from further deterioration. 1st Compucare use non abrasive cleaning solutions, especially formulated for raised floor cleaning, we understand that chemicals and metal scouring pads should not be used as they can delaminate the floor, thus ridding the surface of its anti static properties.

Once the initial clean has finished, operatives apply an anti static floor finish to non raised floor panels. Anti static solutions are not applied HPL panels as this will in fact damage the panel and its capacity to repel static electricity.

Our service team are able to treat a variety of floor types, including high pressure laminate flooring, direct pressure laminate flooring, vinyl composition tiles and carpeted floor surfaces.

When conducting specialised carpet maintenance, our cleaning operatives use a low-foam water soluble and ammonia free carpet extractor, which reduces drying time to less than two hours. Carpets are then treated with an anti static solution to ward off static build-up that can disrupt ideal operational performance of hardware.

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