Telephone Cleaning

Telephone Cleaning

Specialist telephone cleaning reduces the spread of bacteria and germs from your phones preventing loss of productivity and staff sickness. Research carried out by leading universities has revealed the importance of a routine telephone cleaning service. According to the research, telephones can potentially be contaminated by a wide array of different strains of viruses.

These viruses are known to cause everything from the common cold to major bacterial infections that can land staff and clients in the hospital. It was found that office workers are exposed to more germs from their telephones than toilet seats. Telephones on average can harbour up to 25,127 microbes per square inch. By contrast, the average toilet seat contains 49 microbes per square inch.

This is why it’s imperative to enlist a routine telephone cleaning service, because if neglected telephones can become breeding grounds for contagious viruses, and put staff under high risk of becoming infected.

1st Compucare’s cleaning treatments are all COSSH approved and contain anti-bacterial properties, that are formulated to completely eradicate dangerous bacteria, spores and viruses; leaving telephones and head-sets sterilised and freshly scented. 
Telephones are highly susceptible to viral contamination, due to the fact that multiple staff members can easily pass on their germs when using the equipment, especially if they don’t regularly wash their hands.

Many of our existing clients have noticed an influx of staff sickness during the cold and flu season. The low cost of telephone cleaning, enables our clients to increase the frequency of their telephone cleaning schedule, in order to effectively counteract outbreaks of influenza and viruses during the flu season.

The cost of 1st Compucare’s Telephone cleaning program, is negligible in comparison to the price a company would have to pay in staff absenteeism, if they failed to enlist proper sanitation of their equipment. Regular telephone cleaning ensures optimum health of staff by limiting the spread of viruses, and enhances staff morale by expressing that their well being is of primary concern.


Telephone before specialist cleaning treatments; ravaged with dust and debris.
Telephone after being thoroughly cleaned with antibacterial solutions.




Telephone cleaning extends the longevity of equipment and assists to project a specialist image for your company. Below is a list of specific telephone hygiene services we offer.

Clinical cleaning: Handset, Keypad, Casing, Cord and Flex Cable

Graffiti & Residue Removal: Handset, Keypad, Casing, Cord and Flex Cable

Bacteria Repellent: Handset, Keypad, Casing, and Flex Cable




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