Underfloor Cleaning

Underfloor cleaning (Subfloor cleaning) involves eradicating any trapped dust and debris that has settled in the floor plenum beneath the raised flooring of data, server and computer room environments.

Under floor cleaning

The purpose of the underfloor plenum, is to provide a passage in which a cool flow of conditioned air can be dispersed upwards into computer rooms through diffuser tiles, blowers or ducts directed into specific equipment.
Due to the fact raised flooring tiles are rarely detached after the (HVAC) air conditioning system has been installed, the air plenum is seldom ever cleaned, which inevitably causes particles of dust and debris to accumulate over time.

The build up of dust and debris contaminates the air inside the floor plenum, this contaminated air is then blown upwards through the ducts and into the computer room and equipment closets.

Once inside the computer facility, the contaminated air poses a severe threat to the overall health of the environment, damaging the circuitry of equipment, clogging cooling fans, increasing the risk of fire, causing random halon discharges, triggering false smoke alarms and undermining the health of workers.

1st Compucare’s underfloor cleaning service tackles the problem at the source, eradicating all dust and debris by means of HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners, which filter the to air .3 microns thus expelling all hazardous contaminants from the environment.

Routine subfloor cleaning guarantees that the ambient air within the computer room is uncontaminated, which prevents dust from clogging the cooling fans ensuring that equipment doesn’t over heat.

Decontamination of the air plenum, also prevents  damaging particulates from being blown directly on to the circuitry of equipment and causing expensive downtime.

underfloor plenum cleaning

All members of our subfloor cleaning service team are qualified engineers, and are able to provide
disaster recovery services for water leaks, flooding, HVAC leaks, fire, smoke or missing floor components (if missing components are available).

In the event that engineers are unable to resolve the problem, clients will be immediately notified, in order to ensure that problem is circumvented
promptly as to prevent any further damages from occurring.

It is imperative for any computer environment that makes use of sub floor ventilation / air conditioning, to schedule an under floor cleaning service at least twice per annum or more depending on the size of the room.

Essentially 1st Compucare’s underfloor cleaning service aids to safeguard your equipment from calamities, that can range between brief server outages to an event as catastrophic as a fire.  Many of our existing clientele have cited that subsequent to recruiting our underfloor cleaning service, the cost of insurance reduced, as insurance auditors had been satisfied with the low risk of a disaster outbreak.



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